Friday, May 7, 2010

what's goin' on

oh, little blog... precious journal, i have ignored and neglected you.
a lot is happening with me right now. i just turned 28. my daughter starts kindergarten in 3 months. i'm rededicating myself to my volunteer work. i'm eating small meals every three hours to lose weight (on day 4 now). i've decided i want to adopt a haitian orphan.
i think that's about it.
i had a neat birthday. i spent the day hanging out with the kids, then ate homemade enchiladas and chocolate cake at my dad's. daddy and vesta got me a black Keurig mini brewer - exactly what i wanted!!! i'm so ridiculously excited about this thing. josh doesn't like coffee, so every time i wanted some, i'd make a whole pot, and would end up pouring more than half out. so silly and wasteful. not to mention the hassle of getting out the coffee filter, measuring the grounds (i never felt like i put the right amount in), cleaning out the pot and the filter holder afterwards, blah blah blah... NOW, i just put in one of the little pods, fill the resevoir, turn it on, and voila, one perfect cup of coffee, brewed right into my mug. i am a total sucker for stuff like this.
lots of sweet friends wrote a "happy birthday" to me on Facebook. four of my oldest friends didn't call me or write all day... i'm trying not to let that bother me. i know they're busy. and i can't complain, because i never call them.
micah is doing so well in pre-school. she has gained all this confidence and strength, and is now walking into class by herself (it was a struggle there for a while). her letter and letter sound recognition has really improved, and she's interested in math. i don't think she's going to be much into art. the drawings she brings home from school are usually pretty small (i.e. a couple of flowers on the page, and nothing else), and sometimes she just brings home blank pages. she doesn't seem too motivated to express herself in that way. she tells me that she enjoys home center the most at school, because no one tells her what to do. :) i'm gonna have my hands full with that one... she is enrolled in kindergarten at one of the elementary schools in our neighborhood. i can't believe she'll be 5 in a couple of weeks...
rowan is a total scamp lately. he delights in making messes, and when we ask him to pick something up or do something, he says, "no, you do it!" nice, huh? he's still a sweet, gentle boy, though... he gets his little feelings hurt when we discipline him, but a hug and kiss is all he needs to move on. he loves picking micah up from school, and loves playing pretend with her.
ugh, i'm tired. more tomorrow, i just felt compelled to update...