Thursday, August 25, 2011

micah is enjoying first grade! her first day went off without a hitch - she got a great night's rest, had a big breakfast (a sure sign that she wasn't feeling anxious), josh and i got her there on time and walked her to her classroom. sweet mrs. may was there greeting students at the door, and we walked micah to her desk. she asked me to hang up her backpack for her, then she sat down and opened her yellow play-doh. josh and i both bent down and kissed her head, i squeezed her shoulders, and we left! it was AWESOME!!

i got the produce supervisor position i interviewed for! the interview went great - i was very prepared, relaxed, and confident. i started this past monday, and i am having a blast. i already feel a sense of ownership about the floral department, and i'm looking forward to being able to implement some of my ideas. i'm tired as hell, but it feels good. i haven't gone to zumba class this week, but other than that, i'm happy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

my med term class is going really well! every class, i feel all emotional and humbled by the design of the human body... i wish we all understood what goes on inside of us more clearly. i am getting only a tiny sliver of a glimpse of it in this seven-week course, and i want more!! maybe i'll go to medical school. nah... couldn't take it. mr. saunders, my instructor, likes to laugh at the faces i make when he pulls up google images of things like parasitic twins, tumors with teeth and hair, ruptured spleens, etc. i don't think i'm cut out for health care.

yesterday i took nine LLL helping calls. NINE. in one day! it was awesome. every call made me happy that i'm doing what i'm doing.

i have an interview tomorrow for a supervisor position on the produce team at work. i'm a little nervous about it because i don't have any experience in produce - or in any profit center, for that matter; i've only worked on the front end and in admin - but i think i've got a good shot at the job because i've been with the company a long time and i understand the financial side. we'll see. i've got some good ideas, but i just hope i get can them across in the interview without getting all nervous...

micah starts school on monday. the summer didn't zoom by as quickly as i was afraid it would. we went swimming a lot, had fun with friends, went to the park (before it got into the triple digits) and had a fun weekend in austin. it was a great summer. i'm actually looking forward to the fall, school, and getting back into a routine. all i have to worry about is getting her school supplies... she already has a whole new wardrobe for this school-year, thanks to generous hand-me-downs from mama. :-)

i did get down 17.5 lbs, but i gained some back. i seem to do really well for a while with my diet, then i get lazy. working out is so fun, but i don't have time to do it as often as i'd like. maybe when micah and rowan are both in school and i don't have lina anymore, i'll have more time to go to the Y.

starting in mid-october, i won't be babysitting lina anymore! it's going to be so strange! she's starting montessori school. she'll have so much fun. she's such a smart kid, it'll be a perfect environment for her, i have a feeling. we'll miss her, though.