Thursday, April 7, 2011

today i feel a lot better on way less food. my mood is on the sour side, but that's because i BOMBED my nutrition test last night. at least, i'm fairly positive i bombed it. the really frustrating part is that i studied really hard, but i didn't study all the right things. there is so much material, it's really hard to know what to focus on. i thought i was prepared, but as soon as i got to the short answer questions, my heart sank. i did very poorly on the math and chemistry questions. *sigh* i'm not looking forward to finding out that grade... and the other really frustrating thing is, there were two extra credit assignments due last night, and i did neither of them. smart, huh? >:/ i haven't gotten any exercise done today, but it's only 2:30... there's still time for some situps while i watch TV, or maybe even a bike ride with micah and rowan later this evening. we're going over to a friend's house after school, then joining them again for dinner at the chick-fil-a near our house, which is hosting a fundraising night for micah's elementary school. i've been very stingy with my calories today because i plan on enjoying a chicken sandwich, fries, and a sweet tea at dinner. :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yay!! finished the day at 66 calories under budget. :-) :-) haven't done any additional exercise, but i might squeeze in 10 mins of situps before bed...
my poor, neglected blog... i'm on a journey to lose some weight. i'm 5'7" ( i think) and i weigh 188.5 lbs. that's in the obese category, unfortunately, and it's the heaviest i've ever been without being pregnant. here's what i'm doing:

  • using the Lose It! app on my iPhone

  • exercising every, single day for 30 minutes even when i don't feel like it (walking, jogging, situps, weights, jumping jacks, biking with the kids in the trailer)

  • meditating every day and putting my intentions on taking care of my body, and visualizing myself all slender and healthy and happy

i would do weight watchers, but i can't afford it just now. i wish i had started this journey earlier so i could look cute in a swim suit this summer, but there's always next year! ;-) i like the Lose It! app - it was recommended by my nutrition instructor - but it seems to have fewer options that the WW app. day before yesterday i rode my bicycle for about 18 minutes pulling the 20-lb trailer with both kids, weighing together about 67-70 lbs. yesterday i ate too many calories and didn't do any exercise. today, i'm doing well so far, and did simple exercises like crunches or jumping jacks during commercial breaks while i watched TV and did housework. i get so depressed when i think about having to change my eating habits... i don't like change, and i especially don't like it when it has to do with food.

the weather's been so lovely, the kids and i have been spending a lot of time outside. school's going well. with alison's help i figured out that i'm on pathway one to becoming an IBCLC, and i should be done with my required classes in roughly 18 months. i should be able to sit the exam in july 2013. i'm so excited!! soon i'll begin taking my LCERPS online a little bit at a time, as i can afford them. i need 90 total, and have already gained about 20 (i think) through the LLL conference and a class i attended a couple of months ago.

micah is about to finish kindergarten. i simply cannot believe it!! she is growing up so quickly. josh and i briefly talked about homeschooling next year, but decided to keep both kids in school. micah has made so many friends, and i've gotten to know some of the parents, too. i really like micah's teacher and will probably request that rowan be in her class when he starts kindergarten in two years. i know they can't always honor those requests, but maybe we'll luck out!

i abandoned this blog post for a few hours. now it's 8:15, i have mucho studying to do, and i only clocked 15 mins of exercise today... *sigh*