Tuesday, October 5, 2010

working in micah's classroom last tuesday was so much fun! mrs. barrett had me stuff the tuesday folders, then i cut some red construction paper squares in the workroom and came back to the classroom to glue picture squares onto those (they were pictures of items like glue stick, markers, crayons, scissors, etc.). after that there were still a few minutes till lunch, so mrs. barrett had me sit out in the hall with a little guy in micah's class named aaron and work on letter recognition. i was supposed to work with another child after aaron, but there wasn't time. the kids lined up for lunch and i followed them out. it impressed me that micah continued to do her work and follow mrs. barrett's directions, even with me in the room!! i wondered if she would run over to me and not want to sit in her chair, but aside from smiling HUGELY at me when she saw me, she acted like i wasn't even there! it was great.

wednesday morning was josh's turn to have crosswalk duty, so he needed to take micah to school. she had HUGE meltdown over it, had to be put into the car kicking and screaming, then held by a teacher in the cafeteria at school kicking and screaming. josh and i decided that i'm going to do all the crosswalk duty from now on (whenever his work schedule allows), and he's going to take opportunities during the evenings that he's at home to connect with her. he feels really hurt that they don't have a close relationship right now... it's hard.

thursday was largely uneventful. friday we shopped for food and supplies for rowan's birthday party, saturday i worked and we had a little family party for rowan at mama and wesley's house. we ate mud pie ice cream cake (just about the most delicious thing i've ever tasted). he got a beautiful wooden tricycle, a wooden sword, a sweater, shirt and socks, and some batman guys (of course). we all had a great time. my grandparents told us about the car accident they had last week - their FIRST, at around 80 years old. they were driving down the highway and a car in front of them lost control and spun into their lane. somehow my grandfather managed to brake, swerve, and only hit the car right behind the driver's side door. no one got hurt, and none of the oncoming traffic behind them piled into them. pretty incredible for going 60 MPH.

sunday i worked again, then went into overdrive as josh and i rushed to get stuff ready for rowan's "friend" party at heighs park. i thought scheduling the party at 4pm would give me plenty of time to get things ready, but i still felt rushed. the party was super fun. the weather was PERFECT, josh made an amazing birthday cake for rowan, daddy and vesta brought balloons, and a fun time was had by all. the park was packed, but it didn't seem to bother anyone. rowan made out like a bandit: hot wheels, batman guys & stuff galore, a batman costume, a leap frog "scribble & write", and a bat cave. i loved watching his face as he opened the bat cave. he gasped and shrieked "A BAT CAVE?!" haha :) :) :)
and yesterday rowan projectile vomited all morning. good times. :)