Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 held some pretty rough spots for our family.  Josh's mother passed in July, and his grandmother passed right after we got back from Josh's twin sister Jill's senior art show at MSU last month.  It is just so sad.  She was in her mid-eighties and had lived a long life, but it happened so suddenly that no one got to say goodbye.  I had a special connection with her and will miss her terribly.  It is just extremely rough for this to come so closely on the heels of the death of Josh's mom.  Josh and all his siblings are still reeling from that loss, and really can't cope with much more right now.  Life can be so hard.  But it's really beautiful at the same time.

We had a lovely Christmas this year.  Josh got a gift card to Asel Art Supply, I got some beautiful new clothes and some books, and the kids each got new outdoor rides (a new bike for Micah, and a scooter AND a new bike for Rowan), some games, and fun toys.  Last year our artificial tree broke as we were dismantling it (in *cough* February), so, since we couldn't afford a new one, this year it looked like we were just going to go treeless.  I've always longed for a real tree, but we always assumed it would agitate Josh and Micah's allergies.  Well, this year we tried a little 3 ft. Fraser Fir from work, and it was perfect.  It looked so quaint and beautiful, and neither Josh nor Micah had any allergy problems with it being in the house.  Yay!!  Maybe we'll get the same thing next year!

The kids enjoyed their Christmas break and are back at school now.  Micah has made nothing but straight A's so far this year!  I have been so pleased with how little homework she has, but am pretty sure that will change next year.  Rowan loves his class and his teacher, but has a hard time leaving us some mornings.  Josh and I can't believe he'll be starting Kindergarten in seven months.  He's really excited about being walked to his classroom by his big sister next year.  Micah wants to go horseback riding for her 8th birthday, and Rowan wants his 6th celebration to be at Chuck E. Cheese.

We are awaiting our transfer to the new Addison Whole Foods sometime this year!  I'm still working towards sitting for the IBLCE, and Josh and two partners have started an art collective and hope to be making and selling a product soon.

Here's to a nice, fun, peaceful 2013!