Monday, August 27, 2012

well, we got the babies off to school safe and sound. :)  micah has started 2nd grade in mrs. reynolds' class, and rowan is at the public pre-k in our neighborhood, in mrs. domingcil's class, afternoon program from 12:15 to 3:10.  they were both so excited when they woke up this morning!  and, they woke up at 6:30 on the nose, on their own.  so nice.  we had a lovely, relaxed morning.  we got micah to school at about 7:45, walked her into her classroom, and stood with her while she found her numbered hook for her backpack.  she looked a little anxious, but even less than at the beginning of 1st grade, and WAY better than Kindergarten.  she sat down at her desk, we gave her a squeeze and said, "i love you!" and headed out the door.  we played with rowan and snacked at home until it was time to take him to school.  we walked him in, showed him which way to go (mostly, he showed us), helped him find his cubby to put his backpack, and walked him into his classroom.  he waved hello to his teachers (mrs. domingcil and her assistant, ms. garlow), then mrs. domingcil asked him if he wanted to pick a chair to sit in.  we kissed him, he sat down, he said "i love you" in sign language to us, and we left!

i had inventory at work last night, so josh put the kids to bed.  he usually doesn't like to read out loud, but it's such a part of their nighttime routine with me that they have a hard time falling asleep without it. so josh, sweet daddy that he is, read harry potter to them until they fell asleep - which took hardly any time at all.  we took them on a nature hike yesterday morning, and they rode bikes out front after that, so they were pretty tired.  i was so happy they were asleep when i got home after 10 last night.  when i got home, josh and i watched american handyman and i made buried treasure muffins for the kids for breakfast.  we stayed up way too late...

this morning i made the kids scrambled eggs and bacon, but neither of them ate very much.  they drank ovaltine, though.  micah took her lunch -  half a pb&j on wheat, baby carrots w/ italian dressing for dipping, an apple, a juice pouch, and cheez-its.

i can't to go pick them up and find out how their first day went!!

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