Sunday, May 26, 2013

Catching Up

I haven't posted anything since January!  Ridiculous. 

Me: Getting ready for our Whole Foods to close and for the new Addison store to open.  Re-focusing on going to school and preparing to sit for the IBLCE boards next summer.  Dreaming about my future lactation consulting practice.  Learning some things about myself and my needs as a parent.  I joined an Attachment Parenting Meetup group, and can't wait for the first get-together next month.  The topic is attachment parenting your 5-to-12-year-old, which is right up my alley, and SO appropos for me right now, and the reason I wanted to find an AP group in the first place.  Now that we've "aged out" of La Leche League (except, of course, I still love being a leader), I have been on the hunt for a new tribe. 

Josh: Getting his skateboard business off the ground.  Also getting ready for our store to relocate to Addison.  Preparing for a trip to Montana at the first of June to help his other sister (they keep abandoning us ;-) ) and her boyfriend move.  Exciting things on the horizon with the business; he has the name and logo picked out.

Micah: Has her first gymnastics meet coming up at the end of May (this is a first for us, but I'm equating it with the ballet recitals Naomi and I participated in when we were kids), and is turning 8 on Tuesday!  WHAT?  Finishing up 2nd grade, loves reading, gymnastics, playing outside with neighborhood kids, playing inside with her Barbies and dolls, and has lost six teeth now. 

Rowan: Finishing up pre-k with some fun spirit day activities from now until the last day (June 6), including a day when he gets to dress up like what he wants to be when he grows up.  He chose policeman.  Pics to come!  Is about to re-start Kung-fu, loves drawing, playing outside with his big sister, and can't wait to go to kindergarten next year and be at the same school as Micah!


The Bean's Talk said...

So glad you're posting again!!! I cannot believe Rowan will be at school with the big kids next year. Yikes!!!

hannah said...

I know!! Crazy... he's so excited about going to Cooper. :-)